Meet your new dance partner “the pole”! Learn beginner pole, dance and floor moves that tighten and tone your body. Ease into this new body movement that will improve your self-confidence and increase your strength. Learn how to incorporate your new moves, strength and confidence into your first routine. It generally takes students 4 weeks to complete Level1 and feel confident to move on to Level 2. Some students progress faster and others take longer, as each student progresses according to their own ability level.
Perfect what you learned in level one, and lift off – performing moves with an element of challenge. Learn additional pole, dance and floor moves which produce another beautifully choreographed routine. You will become more self confident and explore your body’s own organic movement. Pole tricks and dance transitions will flow with the music.
Do you have a strong inverted straddle and a great climb? Then this class is for you, come work on advancing your skill set. Fluidity, lines, strength and stability are key elements focused on in this class. Tricks, moves and holds are combined together to create seamless, flowing transitions. This is a great class to continue to build your pole repertoire and learn more challenging combinations and tricks.
This class is pure fun! Just like the merry-go-round when you were young but better. Learn the techniques of spin “speed” control and which tricks are most appropriate for spinning pole. Must have a solid invert & climb to attend class.

Classes are only $25 per 1hr session!